Institute for Applied Geography, Inc.

Geographic survey

Do what we can now toward a crucial chain of life

Greeting from Representative Director Keiji Nakaie
Human beings have been living on the earth, one of the planets, in outer space after birth and changing shape for several 100 million years. However, humans have left their footprints on earth only for the last several million years. At the present time, global environmental countermeasures imposed on humans who stand at the top of global system should not be taken at the level of countries but on behalf of the earth as a whole.
The “Japan Comprehensive National Development Plan” (Japanese Archipelago Remodeling Theory) prioritized civil engineering and transformed the state of the land. At the same time, large amounts of pollution are generated throughout Japan. These facts reflect the truth that our past development has caused nationwide pollution through careless disregard for the environment. Against this social background, a man who studied the science produced a construction-related consultancy during its early stages in Japan. We studied various science fields (geography, geology, oceanography, and ecology). After that, we reorganized the science fields as engineering and made various survey manuals contributing to land development and conservation in Japan.
Presently, our corporation is looking for encouraging signs that possible countermeasures for natural disasters—sediment disasters, flooding, and earthquakes—will come into view with the construction of a digital map and various simulations using a geographic information system (GIS).
From this background, we are working with the motto “contribute to creating a fruitful global environment.