Institute for Applied Geography, Inc.

Business content

Geographic survey

We organize various geographic facts for the sake of disaster prevention and assess countermeasures for disaster prevention. The measures offered can take many various forms corresponding to each customer’s needs.
Urban disaster prevention (earthquake, Tsunami, wind, and flood damage, etc.)
Sediment disaster basic survey (landslide, steep slope area extraction, debris flow, and disaster prevention) and disaster prediction
Basic survey (bowling) of geography, geology, soil, and ground
Road disaster prevention
Disaster prevention assessment and regional disaster prevention planning
Photo legibility (landslide, topographical classification, subsurface geological classification)
Land classification basic survey (detailed survey)

Natural environment survey
soil pollution countermeasures

A survey of the current situation and natural resource management are performed effectively. We also work with the ways of nature and survey water and soil pollution to produce a restoration plan.
Various assessments (urban structures, dam, tunnel, wind power generation, and geothermal development)
Ecological survey (wildlife, plants, insects, birds, fish, etc.)
Environmental surveys of rivers and mountain streams
Hydrological survey (water quality, water level, flow rate)
Subsidence survey
Hydrology, ocean, and weather data management and classification
Industrial and household waste treatment survey
Soil pollution fact-finding survey and soil improvement countermeasures
Hot spring drainage water countermeasures

Urban planning

It is necessary to obtain information from an urban planning basic survey, the actual state of lifelines, and the present reality and future plans for land use. These kinds of information will be obtained effectively and offered upon request.
Urban planning basic survey
Natural land use plan, city master plan, municipal comprehensive plan
Diagnosis of national land use appropriateness (land classification)
Reginal disaster prevention plan (urban disaster hazard and disaster prevention)
Transportation planning and traffic forecasting survey
Survey related to vacant house countermeasures
Lifeline survey and numerical informatization
Emergency system survey and system design

information system

We can offer a database after compiling analog, digital, and GIS data from the basic data for a geographic information system.
Construction and design of various information systems
Map information system; disaster prevention information system; environment information system; river information system; agriculture, forestry, and fisheries information system; national land information system; reginal emergency assistance response system (fire protection, medical care, disaster prevention)
Software design development and sales
MapInfo- and ArcGIS-related system design and sales, information processing system design and training guidance, information processing service (supporting various softwares)