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Toward urban renewal
Cities were established at the same time as our social lives and played an important role according to time and region. However, there is a new era of city prosperity and interest today. The present is an era beyond a civilizational level in which there are many social systems and high concentrations of people live in cities. The city, the place of human activities, spreads in every direction and should be required to minimize its invasion of nature, society, and culture. We are thinking about task associated with cities that contribute to making towns in which we can live safely and comfortably.

In urban planning, basic surveys are necessary to obtain and offer geographic information and facts regarding lifeline, current land use, and plans for future land use. We can obtain and offer these kinds of information effectively.

  • Urban fact-finding survey

    Our company’s basic urban planning survey promotes town development. It reports on the present situation of building usage, land use, construction, urban development, and agricultural land conservation status. We offer a map and aerial photo interpretation, and report on the information collected and field survey data.

  • Initiative for urban development

    We extract the present town development and its tasks after analyzing the results of an urban planning survey using spatial analysis of the GIS. These tasks consist of the hollowing of cities, the development of low-density urban areas, and assessment of vulnerability to disaster of areas dense with wooden houses. We also identify problem areas of vacant houses in recent years through the urban planning survey and offer useful information.

  • Urban planning

    A basic plan for town development including a city master plan, public transportation network, and various suggestions will be produced. When making the future plan, we consider the realities of city and town development using results from the urban fact-finding survey and town development.

    Source:Geospatial Information Authority of Japan