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To realize a coexistence
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environment and humans

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Symbiosis with nature
Mankind established a fruitful and comfortable modern society with the remarkable development of science. On the other hand, it is well known that we more or less sacrificed the global environment in our progress. From introspection regarding the great and important losses over the last century, conservation and the reproduction of the global environment should be pursued to ensure that we can pass on to the next generation our irreplaceable and beautiful globe by creating a society in which mankind and nature live together. Our basic concept that mankind, just like other lives, is a part of nature and can contribute to producing a better global environment.

It is essential that we effectively manage natural resources together to activate our society in the present. We try to survey the present condition of the natural environment and consider the nature of our relationship with the environment in the future based on our philosophy. We also survey air, water, and soil pollution and make a representative plan to future direction.

  • Spring water and groundwater fact-finding survey

    From a detailed survey of the distribution of faults, springs, well and groundwater utilization, and water flow rate, the use of groundwater and its route of movement can be understood. Based on these kinds of information, we can wisely formulate a future groundwater use plan and curb groundwater and soil pollution.

  • Water quality analysis

    From a chemical analysis of the water of rivers, lakes, and wells, we can establish future plans for using water suitably and grasp the flow path of groundwater and the reality of groundwater and soil pollution. Water analysis is an essential element in fact-finding regarding agricultural field and agriculture development.

  • Hot spring wastewater treatment and analysis

    Japan, a volcano country, has many hot springs. The Japanese have been quite familiar with them since the old times. However, in recent years, poisonous components in hot spring wastewater must be regulated in accordance with the Hot Spring Wastewater Regulation Act. Treatment countermeasures of heavy metals in the soil should also satisfy the Act. We have developed a treatment system by ourselves.

    Source:Geospatial Information Authority of Japan